A cuppa coffee that taste like no others!

3Temp Hipster Brewer

Hipster is a special brewer that allows you to choose three different temperatures in one and the same brew. This brewer is designed and manufactured in Sweden by 3TEMP AB. Hipster brewer enables further control of various aspects when brewing coffee, such as temperature, water volume and time.

Big difference between Hipster and other brewers is that Hipster has no boiler. There is no hot water standing anywhere and it uses freshwater only. Brewing coffee is a chemical process, and you need lots of oxygen and minerals in the water to achieve a good extraction with the coffee. The precision of flow, temperature and time are crucial elements to preserve the original flavour and aroma of the coffee.

The cold fresh water comes in the back of the tube and is carefully heated up in two stages along the way to the pre brew chamber. When the set volume, according to each recipe, has reached the pre brew chamber, we open a valve and let the water out onto the shower screen and then spread to the coffee.

The 3Temp brewer is capable of brewing with nuance, the way one does with hand brewing. It divides the brew process into three stages; Pre brew-, Extraction- and End-phase, allowing for different temperatures to be set at each stage (hence 3Temp).