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Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk are our most reliable Bertha ovens that allow us to serve delicious quality food to our customers. It takes one hour to get these ovens heated up. These ovens purely use charcoal to cook food instead of conventional gas or electricity. Bertha ovens can also be fuelled with wood for additional smoky flavour, instead of charcoal. It is recommended to use quality smokeless charcoal for lesser smoke, slow-burning as well as adding smoky aroma and taste to the food.

Bertha oven is hand-made in the UK with British cast iron and high grade thick stainless steel. Bertha oven is easier to maintain, operate and clean. There is no need for special chemicals or cleaning aids.  It also has a unique side-opening door which makes service and opening easier. Its footprint is only 60cm x 70cm which takes up little space in the kitchen.

The cooking temperature can be set from 100 to 500 degree Celsius. A lit Bertha oven can last up to 8 hours and up to 15 hours if you slowly add extra charcoal and briquettes to keep it going.

Bertha ovens can be used to grill, roast, bake, slow cook, hot and cold smoke, and there is no limit to what you can cook in these ovens from breads to desserts.

Use briquettes as fuel:

  • Smokeless

This is a unique property of briquettes. Using them creates no smoke, soot, or carbon deposits. Depending on the base material, they produce no or little fly ash. Further, briquettes do not emit gases or any toxic chemicals like sulfur.

  • Slow-burning

The compression process allows the briquettes to burn for a lot longer than if it was loose in its original condition.

  • Concentrated

Since briquettes are created from compressing saw dust, they are denser, harder, and more compact. They have high specific density (1200kg/m3) and bulk density (800kg/m3) compared to 60 to 180 kg/m3 of loose bio mass. Thus, they offer a more concentrated form of energy than firewood or charcoal.

  • More efficient

Along with the compactness of the briquettes is the increase in heating value. Briquettes can relatively produce more intense heat than other fuel. They have a higher practical thermal value and much lower ash content (2-10% compare to 20-40% in coal). In fact, they are 40% more efficient, as well as hotter and longer lasting than firewood. This greater efficiency can be attributed to their low moisture and density.